Age is just a number.


There are very few absolutes in life, but one you can count on is that everyone gets old. Even though it is a perfectly natural process, most of us fear the thought of ageing. We don’t want to lose our quality of life, our mobility, our capacity for thought. We fear the end of our lives so much that we miss out on enjoying the time we have.

The good news is that most of this fear is based on how society perceives ageing as negative. It turns out growing old isn’t so bad, in fact it's statistically one of the happiest times in a person's life. According to dozens of  studies about happiness around the world, people are happiest at the beginning and end of their lives. So maybe all you need to start enjoying  the best time of your life right now, is a change of mindset.

So, how do you start enjoying your elder years?

Firstly, stop obsessing about age. It’s happening and there’s nothing you do to change it. Try enjoying the moment more. Take time to notice the small things that give you pleasure. You’d be amazed at how much joy a walk in the garden, or a beautiful sunset shared with a friend can bring you. Life is full of these moments; focus on them.

Secondly, get busy with what makes you happiest. History is full of stories of people who started new projects in their seventies and eighties and achieved amazing success. Human beings are wired to work towards goals. These goals get us up in the morning and keep us pushing through difficulties. Decide what you want to take on in your senior years and start doing it. Maybe it’s taking up a new hobby like photography, or writing a book about your life. Whatever it is, make it yours and get busy.

You have everything you need to enjoy your elder years. Take hold of your time and relish every minute. Grow old gracefully, without fear. Enjoy the challenge of trying something new. You might just find yourself having the time of your life.

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Wendy Bezuidenhout