Celebrate Christmas with Le Domaine Care


Christmas is a time to celebrate with those you love.

Although a large part of Christmas is about giving and receiving presents, it’s often the intangible gifts that matter the most. It is easy for us to become swept up in the excitement of Christmas, often forgetting about those who are alone at this time of year. Some seniors tend to have a tough time during the holidays, especially if family members live far away or they have lost a loved one.

Christmas is a time for giving, and there are a few things you can do to make the elderly feel at home this Christmas. Whether you will be with your elderly parents or grandparents, are going away with them for the holidays, or simply want to do something nice for someone who may be lonely, here are a few things you can do to make a difference this Christmas season:

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1.Christmas Cards

Even though technology and the internet have made communication easier, a lot of senior citizens appreciate the sentimental value of a Christmas card. A handmade card wishing them a merry festive season will truly brighten up their day.


2. Christmas Music

Christmas carols have been around for years and definitely bring a feeling of nostalgia to the elderly. A lovely idea is to get involved in a Christmas carol group and sing at old age homes. Alternatively, why not go and support various old age home choirs as they spread their Christmas cheer?


3.Advent Calendars

One of the most exciting parts about Christmas is the anticipation of the 24 days leading up to the 25th. A tradition most families enjoy taking part in is advent calendars, as grandparents and parents love to see the smiles on the faces of their loved ones as they open up the doors or peak into the pockets for their chocolates and other surprises. Whether you are with your elderly family for the holidays or live far away, something very special would be to give them an advent calendar. This way they can feel more connected to their family.

4. Connect Through Technology

With technology, our ability to communicate with people around the world has greatly improved. Distance is no longer a barrier to letting someone know you care, something to remember for families who are unable to visit a loved one for the Christmas holidays. You don’t need to feel guilty for planning a vacation during the holidays, as it's also one of the rare times of the year working adults can take a break as well. You can help your elderly loved ones share in the excitement of your trip away too by creating fun home videos or photo albums on your mobile phone to share with them or their caregiver so that they can feel included. Capturing your family opening gifts or partaking in family Christmas traditions will be a sure way to put a smile on your aging loved one’s face too.


At Le Domaine Care, we take great pride and excitement in organising Christmas activities for our residents. Those who live in our centre look forward to the Christmas season and we aim to ensure that they spend this festive time surrounded by love, joy and the Christmas spirit!

Christmas comes early for us in December, with decorations being brought out and displayed throughout the facility. In the weeks building up to Christmas, residents who attend weekly ‘Fun Art’ on a Tuesday morning and ‘Beading’ on a Friday afternoon begin making gifts for friends and family, as well as Christmas ornaments for display in their rooms or to add to the Christmas trees positioned in the common lounges.

A glistening appliqué Nativity Scene has been made under supervision by residents that hangs in the passageway together with other combined art projects created over time. Le Domaine Care’s weekly live music on a Thursday morning also takes on a new theme building up to Christmas with the inclusion of Christmas carols.

Club de Vie, the restaurant in the Le Domaine Village, puts on a grand Christmas Lunch to which the residents can invite family to accompany them in the main clubhouse and decorate their own themed tables. Alternatively, residents can stay in the Care Centre where tables are decorated and champagne is served with the same special lunch, not forgetting Christmas mince pies and chocolate balls on the table!

From all the Le Domaine Care team and residents, we wish you a very merry Festive Season.


Wendy Bezuidenhout