Meet Pat King

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Tucked away down one of the corridors at Le Domaine Care is a room belonging to a special person. It’s the room of Pat King, the centre’s oldest resident, who celebrated her 102nd birthday in December 2018.

Although Pat requires assistance, she ensures she gets up every day and enjoys sitting in her chair where she can see out the window and watch TV. She grew up in London and her late husband was originally in the air force before being a vet in Rhodesia. She is softly spoken but she has retained an important aspect of her life, that of dignity.

Once she has settled in her chair, she insists on doing her own make-up every day. What she needs is left in a tray on her lap and once she is alone, she ensures she looks beautiful to face the day. And her days are ones of memories as she quietly lets her mind wander through the great years of longevity she has been given. At her age, there is no family to frequently visit her but she is always ready for a laugh with the friendly Le Domaine Care staff.

“I don’t do exercises or get outside much but I still make sure I go to the hairdresser at least once a week.”

“I don’t do exercises or get outside much but I still make sure I go to the hairdresser at least once a week,” said Pat. Again, Pat ensures she looks and feels good, just in case someone either sees her or puts their head in her room for a visit. She wears glasses for reading and watching TV and, besides enjoying movies, she has her own collection of BBC documentaries which she looks at every so often.

Like most people in their later years, Pat has a collection of favourite photographs scattered on the shelves and tables of her room. Many are black and white and no doubt tell their own stories which only she will know and cherish. These are pictures of the people she loved and shared her life with and as they gaze at her every day, they talk to her and remind her of the many years she has behind her.

Among the pictures are some of horseracing, pictures of the years when she and her husband owned five horses and enjoyed some success. Still a lady of class and dignity beyond 100, one can only imagine Pat at the races, immaculately dressed, nothing out of place, enjoying every moment.

Good health has blessed Pat through the years and she can recall being sick only once. She has no secret to staying healthy through the years and cannot quite put her finger on why she has managed to pass her centenary.

“I just keep going and I don’t know why,” she said. “Unfortunately I never received any wishes or a card from the Queen when I turned 100 but I think you have to ask for one.”

Pat is comfortable and happy at Le Domaine Care and was made to feel very special with her birthday celebration festivities.

She may be a King by name, but Pat is certainly the queen of Le Domaine Care. She has the grace and humility of royalty and is a perfect example of still holding her head high and appreciating the days, weeks, months and years she has been given.

Wendy Bezuidenhout