Christmas shopping for seniors

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With Christmas just around the bend, stores are filled decorations and Christmas cheer is in the air. Before you head off to do your last minute Christmas shopping, spare a thought for the seniors in your family. Although they’re at a time in their life where they don’t want more stuff, they appreciate thoughtful gifts that make their lives easier and more enjoyable.



Custom Gift Basket

Nothing says “I’ve been thinking about you” more than a hand selected gift basket full of your loved one's’ favourite goodies. You know them best, so build the basket around things that they love. It could include items like slippers, lotions and smellies, or just a collection of their favourite foods.  This is a gift your elder loved ones will enjoy throughout the festive season and they can share it with their friends. The perfect combination of thoughtfulness and practicality.



Blankets and Throws

One of the downsides of growing old gracefully is a decline in circulation. This means even in summer, your senior family members could use a cozy throw. If you have the time and talent, a homemade quilt or small knitted blanket would be a cherished gift. If not,  a colourful throw from Woolies will do just fine.



Tablets and iPads

Although this might sound a bit high tech for your aged family members, these devices are perfectly suited for them. Keeping in contact with family is at the top of their list of priorities, and if you install skype and show them how to use it, they’ll be able to facetime you on important occasions, without missing out. They might surprise you with how quickly they adapt to the technology.



Adult Coloring Books

These popular items have shot to the top of wish lists recently. Filled with beautifully detailed images waiting for colour, these books provide hours of entertainment that is both mentally stimulating and creative. Just don’t forget to add a pack of pencil crayons to the gift. Available from most department stores or online retailers like



Lap Desk

The older you are, the more comfortable you like to be. So much of the day revolves around a comfortable couch or chair. These simple lap desks available from Game stores in plastic or Takealot in bamboo enable your loved ones to write letters or use their colouring books while watching TV on their favorite couch or in bed.


So there you have it. A few classic Christmas  gift ideas for the senior members of your clan that they will love. Just remember that they will always take time spent with you over gifts, but there is nothing stopping you from blessing them with both.

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